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Cool Bedroom Paint Ideas

Let us give you gothic bedroom paint ideas! It will be very useful if you want to create a gothic style bedroom. We all know that gothic bedroom is characterized with combination of black, red, and purple colors. Sometimes, we can also use grey and white as accents toward the gothic bedroom. How to use these colors? Let us tell you here.

Turning the Gothic Bedroom Paint Ideas into Reality

The first gothic bedroom paint ideas related to the usage of black. We can pick everything for the bedroom in black color. It can be the bed, curtains, lampshade, rug, bedding, or even flooring. This one is the ultimate gothic characteristic. Those who don’t want their room to look too dark use red as the main theme. It is combined with black as its accent.

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The gothic bedroom can also be a combination of three gothic colors: red, black, and purple. The curtains and bedding can be in red. The cushions and lampshade can be in purple. The main bedroom furniture can be in black. Paint the wall in either red or black. If you want some white accents, use it in candles, paintings, and ceiling color. Don’t forget to choose furniture in classic style. It really strengthens the gothic ambience. Now, congratulation! Your gothic bedroom paint ideas are now turned into real!

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