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7 Ideas To Add Personality To Your Kitchen


Boring and uninspiring kitchen can make your cooking chores a lot harder than you might think. Have you often thought about upgrading your kitchen to make a bit more cheerful, but you can’t because of an intimidating budget? A lot of renters feel stuck with their kitchen and are always looking for ways to make it better. Adding a dash of personality to your kitchen is easy without making any structural changes.

Here are 7 interesting ideas to add a bit of personality to your kitchen:

Add wall art:

Blank walls in the kitchen can be upgraded without actually painting them. Wall art goes a long way in adding personality to your kitchen. It does not have to be an expensive masterpiece. Choose interesting large scale posters, labels from old food cans, free printable from across the internet or even illustrated recipes can make your kitchen appear a little less boring. Wall art can create a wonderful focal point in your kitchen that will take the eyes away from peeling paint.

Spruce up the kitchen cabinets:

Small changes to your kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference to the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen does not receive enough natural light, it is a good idea to paint the cabinets in a light and bright color. You can use chalk paint colors for example, which is one of the popular choice nowadays. If repainting the cabinets is not an option that you can explore, then consider taking the doors off some of the cabinets. Paint or wall paper the inside of the cabinet in cheerful colors and designs. Display your favorite crockery and other accessories in these open cabinets.

Add a floor rug or runner:

A floor rug in the kitchen can instantly spruce up your space and make it inviting. Choose a hard wearing floor rug that suits your personality. You can pick from a range of natural fiber rugs, Turkish kilims, geometric designs or intricately patterned ones depending on your design aesthetics. When using a floor rug in the kitchen, make sure that it is easy to clean incase of hot and cold kitchen spills.

Change the faucets:

You will be surprised by the difference of a fresh, new faucet can make. Changing the faucet is an easy job and will require minimal professional help. Replacing an old faucet with a swanky, modern one will make your trips to the kitchen a lot more joyful. Choose one in a shiny metallic finish. Remember to keep your old faucet safely and replace it before you move if you are living in a rental.

Display fresh fruits and flowers:

Embrace nature when you want to add personality to your space. There is nothing that will perk your kitchen better than a bunch of fresh flowers, herbs and fruits. Create interesting displays on your counter with fresh fruits. Fresh flowers will instantly add color and freshness. Springs of various herbs will add a wonderful scent to the kitchen.

Make space for a breakfast nook:

Even the smallest of kitchens will benefit from a little breakfast nook. A nook will add warmth to your kitchen. Creating a breakfast nook is easy and will only require a couple of slim chairs and a small table. Choose a table that can be folded away or used in other places around the house. a breakfast nook is cozy and inviting and will compel you to spend a few minutes over coffee and breakfast in your little corner.

Paint the pantry door:

If you are blessed with a pantry along with your kitchen, then just painting the pantry door in a bright, cheerful color will add oodles of personality to the kitchen. A pop of bright paint is unexpected and visually appealing.

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