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Architecture, Modern Volumetric House Design With Green Nature


Architecture, Modern Volumetric House Design With Green Nature – Another volumetric house in Melbourne draws our attention. The house is built with three volumes of blocks in open floor plan design. Green yard also features the white modern house and makes it looks fresher from the outside.

This house also applies the concept of no boundary between the interior and the outdoor. You will have a new experience of living on this volumetric house design.  Are you interested enough? Let’s find out more about the house design!

Modern Volumetric House Design With Green Nature

Spacious terrace features wooden floor and comfy seats that will provide the inhabitant to enjoy seating while overlooking the fresh garden. The wooden floor of the terrace also functions as an extension of the living room inside the house. The wide sliding glass door makes the terrace and the living room looks connected.

On the front of the terrace, you can find green lawn with fresh grass and live green fence. This lawn and fence contribute to the fresh look of the outdoor and make the house close to nature. Rounded coffee table and white elegant chairs on the lawn makes a perfect place to gather and enjoy dining or just drinking coffee with fresh atmosphere of the lawn.

Almost all rooms of the house are opened to the outdoor through the windows glass and sliding glass door. The living room is designed with gray modern sofa that is comfortable for a sitting place inside the house. Green cabinet of the room combines different kinds of green color that makes it an appealing decoration for the room.

Interesting Living Room With Wooden Floor And Modern Sofa And Floor Lamp

Standing floor lamp of stainless steel material adds artificial lighting decoration for the room along with natural light from the windows glass. Planters also decorate the interior and bring beautiful nature touch to the design. It is such an interesting green interior design.

The kitchen also uses green touch on the design. You can find island and cabinet in green and white color also green wall that makes the kitchen looks interesting and innovative. The floor of the kitchen is designed in glossy surface and white modern color that makes a daring contrast from the living room on the side.

The dining room is designed in a more rustic style with wooden table and chairs. The table is placed right next to the large windows glass, so that the inhabitant can enjoy dining while overlooking the green garden outside. It is maybe not wrong if we call it a green volumetric house design.

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