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How to Make Your Little Garden Looks Stunning


How to Make Your Little Garden Looks Stunning – It’s not a big problem to make your tight garden looks stunning if you can do the tricks. You can do the following tricks to beautify your garden.

The best way to make your little garden looks stunning is to play with visual illusion when people look at your garden. How can you do the tricks? You can do with some simple tricks such as color illusion and your plant textures. Color trick can do the trick to give your eyes the illusion. Eyes are tend to respond quickly to certain colors. Colors like red, yellow, brown, and orange will easily catch eyes’ attention while colors like blue, green, and purple will visually give your garden cool effect and blend with the landscape.

make your little garden looks stunning

Then, it is time to apply the color illusion to your eyes. Place the plants with warm colors. It’s useful as a focus point to attract people’s eyes. Cool color can be placed on the corner of garden, the hedge or the outside of your garden. It will visually frame warm colors well and create illusion effect that give your garden wider perspective. Other is maximizing garden’s beauty by making well placement of broad leaf plant along with narrow-leaved plants. Wide-leaved plants has the characteristic of making shaded because of their wide leaves so their give fading effect. Otherwise, narrow-leaved will create warm effect. You can place them near the warm-colored plants and framed with them.

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Finally, you can do finishing touch by plant high-trunked plants like pine. Remember to not let those high-trunked plants grow too dense because they will lose wide effect of your garden and it will look too crowded. Choose high plants that don’t have too dense leaves and grow widely. It’s not too hard to make your little garden looks stunning, isn’t it? Happy gardening!

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